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America First Credit Union 800-999-3961 0 or Say "member services"
American Express 800-528-4800 0 repeatedly
Ameritrade 800-669-3900 3, 3, 0.
Astoria Federal Savings 800-278-6742 9
Bank of America 800-900-9000 00
Bank of America 866-357-0230 00  This is the unpublished Credit card customer service line.
Bank of America 800-622-8731 *
Bank of America 800-432-1000 Say "operator" or "associate" at any point in the menu.
Bank One 877-226-5663 00
Capital One 800-903-3637 0000
Charles Schwab 800-435-9050 3, 0
Chase 800-CHASE24 5 pause 1 4
Chase Credit Card 800-945-2006 0
Chrysler Financial 800-700-0738 Select language, then press 00
Citi AAdvantage 888-766-2484 Ignore prompts and pause for a human.
Citi Card 800-967-8500 0,0,0,0,0 800-643-5607 0,0,0,0,0
CitiMortgage 800-283-7918 ###
Citizens Bank 800-922-9999 0,0,0
Coutrywide Loans 800-669-5864 *0 repeatedly
Diner's Club 800-729-5309 2
Discover CardŽ 800-347-2683 ****
e*Trade 800-786-2575 #### (4 pound signs)
Exxon Mobil Card 800-344-4355 000 ignoring message
Fidelity 800-544-6666 ignore prompt for social security number, just enter ###
Fidelity NetBenefits 800-581-5800 1,#################
GE Finance CareCredit 866-893-7864 1, 6, 5, 0, 0
HSBC 800-477-6000 1, 3, 0
ING 800-464-3473 Direct to human.
MasterCard 800-MC-ASSIST 000 on each menu
MBNA 800-421-2110 00 when menu starts
Mellon Investor 800-649-3593 Pause through initial recording finishes, select nothing--pause--you will be connected to a live customer service rep
Paypal 650 864-8000 0
Sovereign Bank 800-SOV-BANK 1 english; 1 personal; 3 then social#; passcode, #; then 0 (1-3x)
US Bank 800-US BANKS 0000
Visa 800-847-2911 000 (ignore prompts Saying that it's an invalid entry)
Washington Mutual 800-756-8000 At any time after the announcement(s) press 0,0.
Wells Fargo 800-869-3557 0,0,0 or when asked for account number Say "I don't know"
Western Union 800-325-6000 * then ##
government phone
INS 800-375-5283 After selecting English, (with a 2 second delay between) 2 6 2 4
Social Security 800-772-1213 00 will confuse computer and send you to an agent
Veterans Affairs 800-827-1000 1,0
insurance phone steps to find a human
Aetna 800-537-9384 2, then Say "operator" (check this)
Aetna 800-680-3566 * then 0 anytime
AFLAC 800-99-AFLAC ***
Cigna 800-849-9000 ##
GEICO 800-841-3000 Pause for prompt then 6, 1, 5
Humana 800-4-HUMANA After entering insurance number and details, 0.
Medicare 800-633-4227 After the opening prompt Say "agent".
Principal Life 800-247-4695 1 for english, 2, then 0 several times.
Pharmacy phone steps to find a human
CVS local store Press 6 to connect to store manager.
Eckerd 800-eckerds 0 for pharmacy, 8* for manager
Rite Aid local store Press 3 to speak to the pharmacy
Walgreens local store 0 for a pharmacy employee
Popular phone steps to find a human
Bose 800-444-2673 Direct to human.
GE Appliance 800-626-2005 000
Kodak 800-235-6325 *7 or *28
Konica Minolta 800-285-6422 0
NetFlix 888-638-3549 0
Playstation 800-345-7669 0
Sonos 800-680-2345 1 sales; 2 support
Sony 800-222-7669 When prompted, just Say "Agent".
Retail phone FreeShipBeauty
Advance Auto Part 800-314-4243 Press 0 when the automated message begins.
Amazon Visa 888-247-4080 Press 0 twice. Ignore invalid account message. 800-201-7575 0
Apple Stores local store 5 as soon as you hear the automated menu
Banana Republic 888-277-8953 0
Barnes & Noble local store Press 1 or 0 during greeting.
Best Buy Card 800-365-0292 00* 949-389-2000 Dail 0 and direct to rep
Circuit City 800-843-2489 s 0 2 times
Circuit City Visa 888-363-8001 Press 0 a lot.
COMCAST 800-266-2278 dail 0 3-4 times or be silent
eBay 800-322-9266 dial 0,0 800-887-1198 Dial 0 2-3 times 800-793-3768 # 2-3 times
Home Shopping Net 800-284-3100 Dial 0
Ikea 800-434-4532 Press 0 many times quickly!
JC Penney 800-222-6161 Press 0 twice, ignoring error message.
K-Mart local store 0
Kohl's Credit 800 564-5740 After providing account info, press 0 3 times
Lowe's 800-445-6937 Dial 0 as the recording kicks in to get to the Operator
Old Navy 800-653-6289 Dial 0 direct to rep 800-843-2446 At the main menu, 0 3 to four times to bypass the menu
Petco local store 3
QVC 800-367-9444 0
Safeway local store As soon as voice prompt starts type 1200 to get human
Sears 800-4-MY-HOME Be silent to be put in queue for human.
Target local store 0 during greeting.
Toys "R" Us local store 0
Wal-Mart 800-925-6278 1 for directory
Shipping phone steps to find a human
DHL 800-225-5345 press 1, press 5, press 0, enter your phone number.
FedEx 888-GO-FEDEX At message Say "Representative"
UPS 800-pick-ups 0,0
Technology phone steps to find a human
AOL 800-827-6364 0
Apple 800-275-2273 000; if virtual rep answers, Say "operator"
Compaq 800-652-6672 No easy escape
Dell 888-560-8324 2 order; 3 support; 4 purchase help; or 00 to human
Dell Service 800-624-9897 option 1, ext 7266966, option 1, option 4, option 4
Earthlink 888-earthlink 1 find a dial in number; 2 billing; 3 sales; 4 support
Epson 800-922-8911 yes
Gateway 800-846-2301 00#
HP 800-474-6836 Say "agent".
HP 888-560-8324 00
IBM 800-426-4968 You go into a hold queue immediately
Microsoft 800-936-5700 Always 0. This is true for just about any MS number.
QuickBooks 888-729-1996 1 purchase; 2 billing; 3 registration; 4 tech support or 0 to human
Symantec 800-441-7234 00
Telephone/ Celluar phone steps to find a human
AT&T 800-222-0300 #### then 1 if for current phone, else 2 to enter other, else 3
AT&T Wireless 800-888-7600 No easy escape
BellSouth 888-757-6500 *0
Cellular One 888-910-9191 4, Say "agent", then #
Cingular 800-331-0500 Use the option to close your account quick answer.
Nextel 800-639-6111 0 five times
SBC 800-585-7928 Again, an (intelligent, this time) IVR wants phone number first.
Sprint PCS 888-788-5001 If live person does not answer, 00, then Say agent
T-Mobile 800-TMOBILE Say "representative" at any time.
Verizon DSL 800 567 6789 Say "I don't know it" then "technician"
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 #00 or enter phone # then 0 then 4
Travel phone  
American Airlines 800-433-7300 00, then Say "agent"
Amtrak 800-872-7245 0 or Say "agent"
Carnival Cruise LinCarnival Cruise Lines   0,0,0,
Dollar   0,0
Delta 800-221-1212 Say "agent" four times - every time it asks for a response from you 800-346-8357 Press 0 at every option 203 899-3120 0
National Car Rental 800-227-7368 Direct to human.
Northwest 800-225-2525 Star, 0,0 after initial greeting
Southwest 800-435-9792 Calls answered by operator; during busy times you might have to hold
United 800-864-8331 Do nothing, pause for human.
US Airways 800-428-4322 4, pause, 1
Walt Disney World 407-824-4521 Direct line to Magic Kingdom Guest Relations
Priceline 877-850-9658 Direct line to hard to find customer service.
TV/Satellite/Cable phone CheapTickets Disney Deals (728X90)
Comcast 800-266-2278 Customer service, but an rep wants your number first.
Direct TV 800-347-3288 0 repeatedly
SIRIUS 888 539-7474 0
TiVo 877-367-8486"Live Agent"
Xm Radio 800-998-7900 Direct to human

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This page was created to help all of us from wasting time on silly auto attendants, asking stupid questions we don't want to answer just to redirect us back to someone who will ask them again. Why not just skip the auto attendant and talk to a real person?



















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